Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winds Of Genocide - The Arrival Of The Apokalyptic Armageddon (2010)


"Winds of Genocide is a Durham, UK band that calls their fusion of death metal and crust punk “Apocalyptic Death Crust”. They were founded in 2006 by vocalist Kat Shevil (Morstice, Blessed Realm, Revolt) and guitarist Glynn, although it wasn’t until 2009 that the band’s current lineup solidified, with Dan on bass and Linus on drums (originally bass). They released their first EP, The Arrival Of Apokalyptic Armageddon, in 2010. Winds of Genocide received attention recently when Fenriz, of the Norwegian black metal band Darkthrone, blogged about them on his MySpace page and urged his fans to support the band.Kat is noteworthy for having a “Kat’s Band Of The Week” feature on the Terrorizer website, as well as for being a transsexual woman."

Okay, to get this out of the way yes, the lead vocalist IS indeed a transsexual. So you mind as well put your stupid ass homophobia behind you if you want enjoy this band. I did tag it correctly too so none of that. BUT ANYWAYS, there is a lot of hype behind this Winds Of Genocide. Being spotted by Fenriz of Darkthrone is no laughing matter. HE'S FENRIZ... OF DARKTHRONE! You know you MUST be doing something right if you're stopped by someone of that caliber in the music biz. Their sound falls in between crust and death metal with a very fast past. I would definitely say it's leaning more towards a crusty sound though. There really aren't any blast beats present but there does seem to be a DM undertone I can't really put my finger on it. If you want some critically acclaimed crusty fucks that live up to their hype I'd highly suggest picking this up. D-beaters, crusties, and metalheads rejoice! Now we all can hold hands and share a common ground and embrace in some truly awesome music.


  1. The guy who done the artwork for this is doing the artwork for our new ep Mikhell (He's the lead singer in Lazarus Blackstar) Some useless info for ya Ryan :)

  2. Interesting, very interesting. At least I've got a new band to check out! Have you guys played with Winds Of Genocide?

  3. dunno about the female discussion about transgender, as im about music, but these growls dont sound like female growls to all

  4. Anon they are only female vocals if you class the fact that Kat is now a woman who used to be a man.

    Sorry Ryan just seen this cause I must have subscribed to posts after me. No we haven't played with them we went up there way yesterday on a gig they was originally supposed to play on but they didnt & we headlined! Oh well I am now fucked cause my band mates thought it would be funny to push me over & jump on my chest & then as I got my breath back land on it again!!


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