Thursday, March 10, 2011

Same-Sex Dictator - From Beneath You It Devours (2011)


"JUSTIN - DRUMS. VOCALSLEE - BASS. VOCALSNO. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A GUITAR PLAYER.Hey, we’re currently booking our first tour of the Midwest. We could use some assistance. Please get in touch if you can help or have any suggestions for alternate cities. Thanks."

By far one of the craziest, most experimental powerviolence bands I've ever listened to. If you thought stuff like Cower, Gasp, and Le Scrawl were weird and unusual wait until you get a load of these guys. For the record, they don't have a guitarist nor do they need one. This two man band combines a shit ton of different influences ranging from hardcore to post-rock to ambient to stoner rock to sludge to black metal and back again. The album starts off with a track entitled "tl;dr", which is a meme from 4chan. I don't know of these guys browse or what but it definitely sparked my attention when I was first extracting the file. I wasn't really paying attention and saw tl;dr and was just like the fuck?? As you dive deeper and deeper into this album it gets crazier by the minute. Lots of random yells and voice cracks quickly progressing into some chill bass lines with that psychedelic stoner mid western sound. Same-Sex Dictator are without a doubt one of the most progressive sounding PV bands out there to date. I can't wait to see what's in store for these guys because I know for a fact they're going to get far. Fans of anything experimental and hardcore should definitely consider this album! I'd throw these guys under the WTFAMILISTENINGTOcore label.

Highly recommended!

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