Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Qafffurknijjgarh - Blood. Art. World. (2010)


"Ambient grindcore outfit from Russia."

Yeah... this is indeed WTFAMILISTENINGCORE kind of stuff. I picked this up off a Russian torrent tracker called a few months ago and I have yet to upload them to my blog. So, HERE YOU GUYS GO! I present to you Qafffurknijjgarh, an ambient grindcore band straight from mother Russia. I wouldn't consider them the best fusion of grindcore and ambient but they definitely have a very unique sound to them unlike bands similar (I'm really only thinking of Gasp). Their lack of blast beats makes up for the very atmospheric ambient sounds only to be proceeded by guttural growls and such. I just think it's really different to hear a bunch of bleeps and bloops with random growls and pig squeals but yet still have the structure of an actual band and not some gimmicky bullshit. Definitely throw this under your list of "WTF" bands because this is definitely some weird shit. 

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