Thursday, March 3, 2011

Insuiciety - The Cure For The Truth (2009)


"Polish four-piece Punk band with down-tempo.The current line up is:Ajka - vocal Andrzej - guitar Iban - bass guitar Marek - drums"

Great great GREAT sludge influenced crust band from my favorite country, Poland! Not to mention the lead singer is a total cutie. :3 :3 But yeah, onto the music! Insuiciety deliver a power packed down-tempo sound full of rich distorted goodness which almost begins to sound math-like at times. The vocals are just overwhelmingly powerful and gritty. I could see bands like Salome and Brainoil being compared to Insuiciety. It has a bit of a stoner metal-esque sound to it but yet still manages to keep that really crusty vibe. This band CLEARLY isn't getting enough recognition as they humbly deserve. Do yourself a favor; give them that recognition and pick up this album. I promise it won't disappoint!

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