Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hot Damn Scandal - I'm A God Damn Family Man (2009)


"Hot Damn Scandal was first formed as gypsy shit with stinky pete irving on guitar and vocals, shiva on accordian, charles on trombone and jesse on the banjo playing backup for a circus act at the g funk stage in WY. shortly there after the band moved into a 1976 dodg van and have been on permanant tour since. the ever evolving list of band members includes musicians from all corners of the country. pete, jesse and shiva, and chris jefferys of “plastic fantastic lover” recorded an album at coyote creek studios outside of austin tx around thanxgiving of 2008. extra special thanx to mark utter for the studio time and his services as a musician. with the 2009 “i’m a god damn family man” tour came the addition of Kami on saxaphone. they should be recording another album by the end of this year with the sax and a few more members of the band that wernt around when the first one was recorded. tour for this summer seems to be based around the north east, but tour moves with the seasons, catch them up north when it’s warm, and in new orleans or mobile AL when it’s cold out everywhere else. Ocala FL in febuary is also a good bet. if you have a venue or a house you have shows at, and want Hot Damn Scandal to bring their drunkin debauchery to your hood, hit’m up on myspace,"

Hot Damn Scandal captures the essence of the turn of the century music and more! Having an array of instruments such as washboards, sax, fiddles, mandolins, cellos, banjos, and various jug instruments, this band really brings out the old tymey ragtime in todays music. It's not every day you get to hear a modern revival jug band playing in a gyspy-esque vibe. I think all the old school ragtime bands from St. Louis and New Orleans would be proud of HDS. I was reading around the comments on and apparently they do a cover of Tom Waitts but I'm not sure. I don't really listen to Tom Waitts but the vocalist DOES have a similar voice which sounds kick ass. I was looking around for an album cover and I found this which made me laugh. Maybe it's because they were just like "yeah we'll be performing in the woods so just come find us" haha. Just all out fun, innovative, and a little something to add to your music libraries to stray away from the typical preferred tastes. Check it.

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