Sunday, March 20, 2011

ColorChromatic - Tenet (2010)


"ColorChromatic is a 3-piece band from Westchester/Inglewood, California. members are Loki-guitar/voice, Tony- bass, Ramy- drums."

I started out the day rather lame today. I woke up with a headache, had some stuff I had to do around the house, had to finish writing a letter to a friend, dealing with the shitty weather outside, and just have been tired throughout the whole day. I tried listening to Cowboy Bebop's OST to try and cheer me up but that didn't help too much. The jazzy feel really got me out of touch and was very boring at times until I discovered ColorChromatic. This band remind me something you'd like to on a summer's day with the wind blowing just a tad and making wind chimes slightly rustle around. The light math rock riffs combined with the almost post-rock instrumentals will put you in a happy trans. The vocals go back and forth from very soft to screaming and back again. Some tracks even have spoken word in between vocals.I picked up their demo and EP and was quite happy with both of them as well so if you plan on picking up Tenet be sure pick the rest up at their bandcamp here. I'm not really sure who this band is comparable to but I swear that in their track A Is For Satan it sounds as if Matt Bellamy from Muse surprise sang for them or something strange. I have no clue. But anyways, math rock fans should find this album to hit right at home. 

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