Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Inkwell Rhythm Makers - Ollapodrida (2005)

From last.fm:

"The Inkwell Rhythm Makers are: Ragtime Kit (Steel Guitar/Lead Vocals), Washrag Joe (Washtub Bass/Banjo), Washboard Willis (Washboard)Kit and Joe have been playing music togther for years. It wasn’t until the summer of 2004 that we met a mysterious hobo fiddler that introduced us to two other characters named Apple and Kate. They decided to recruit us into the Sourmash Hug Band and we spent the next year or so hitchhiking and riding trains up and down the west coast. Willis used to play with Bloody Castles Ragtime Band. Eventually there was some dispute between the members and the band broke up. One day the saw player from Bloody Castle’s, Inga, started playing with Sourmash. Through her we started jamming with Willis. Eventually, after recording an album in the basement of our old house, the Alamo, we did some more playing and then decided to split the band up. Mike (the aforementioned mysterious fiddler) wanted to play more gypsy oriented stuff. Joe, Kit and Willis wanted to play more crusty, ragtime, jug band stuff… so Sourmash went their way and we crawled into the inkwell. There are no hard feelings, everyone is still friends and happy to play the music we love. Sourmash still plays all over the place and sometimes changes some members around to form the Hobogoblins, (check them both out if you get the chance). The Inkwell Rhythm Makers live in Eugene, Oregon and travel in a really nasty red van appropriately dubbed “The Nard Mobile.” Spend the night in it some time if you get the chance. P.S. We are not a jug band as much as ya’ll might want it. We just can’t subscribe to the title because, we don’t have a jug. Simply put. But we do play “jug band” music on top of 20’s & 30’s jazz, Ragtime, novelty, String Band music, (country) blues, tunes. Along with some originals in the same vein"

The Inkwell Rhythm Makers captures the real sound of jazz back from the 20's and 30's with their deliciously put together album Ollapodrida For those you who don't know, jazz is the predecessor of ragtime (hence why there's a striking similarity). Fun fact: olla podrida is a Spanish stew made from pork, beans, and various vegetables. THE MORE YOU KNOW! I had a really fun time listening to this band. The upbeat sounds of the jug instruments really put me in the spirit. My heart melted inside the first time a kazoo was introduced. The banjo and steel guitar make for a great, powerful sound. A fiddle is present throughout the entire song and is complimented by a bunch of YAHOOOOO's and SKA BA BA BA BA! A lot of nostalgia settles over me when I listen to ragtime music. For some reason it reminds me of Toy Story and Randy Newman's stuff he did for that movie. AHHHH! I just love ragtime! It just makes me feel so great inside. :3 I'm the happiest person in the world when listening to it! Now I want a BIG bowl of beans for some reason haha. Join me in listening to such heart-warming music and pick this up. I promise you'll like it! 




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  2. I have been looking for this album for close to 6 years now. Thank you so much!


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