Monday, March 21, 2011

Murmuüre - Self Titled (2010)


"Psychedelic black metal from France."

I'm not a big fan of ambient black metal at all (Yes, I don't like Burzum. Deal with it bitches.) but Murmuüre have opened up that gap some with this self titled masterpiece. I'm not really familiar with the whole psychedelic black metal thing but this was DEFINITELY a whole different listening experience altogether. It sets the mood for a very dark and dismal setting but yet has a strange trippy vibe to it that's pretty much indescribable. It'll have your heart racing up and down and up and down up and down not really knowing what to expect from the album. The minute the guitar kicked in in the track Amethyst and the guitar picked up, I felt goosebumps travel down my spine instantly. The ambiance of this album is stunning from the start of the synths to the very end of them. I feel as if I'm describing this pretty stupidly so I'll quote this guy from

"gunterheidrich wrote:
last month
To paraphrase the guy's abstract, 'although barely present, the vocals are intended as sigils to act as vehicles of intentionality'. I'm into it. It's ritualistic, evocative, savage, and somehow avoids the pitfalls of being overly verbose/abstruse/posturing. Listen to it on headphones, and alone if at all possible."

^^Pretty much that. Grab a pair of headphones and give check this shit out in the early morning when you're alone.

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