Friday, March 11, 2011

Republicorpse - To The Dome (2007)


"Republicorpse is a Progressive Grindcore Band from Orlando, Florida.“We don’t eat animal products, we don’t litter, and we don’t vote.”from MRR 10-09: “Grindcore meets power-violence from Florida…Give this one a listen. (MH) “Eric - Bass/Vocals, Jono - Drums, Zach - Guitar/Vocals, Jake - Guitar/Vocals, Palmer - VocalsReleases:2009: -Tape - Give Praise Records-To The Dome 7” - Black on Weed Green Cover, Green Vinyl, Re-Released by Never Give Up!!-Split w/ Nespithe and Rectal Necrosis2007: To the Dome - 7” - 33.3 - Multi-Color (Screen Print) Cover, Weed Green Vinyl, Deathroll Records"

I guess you could call this band an experimental/"progressive" grindcore band but I didn't feel like making a whole separate tag so this is what you get. I had a hard time finding an active link for this so be thankful! Republicorpse really step up their game and take grindcore to the next level producing some skull crushing tracks. Though the album may only be a little under 10 minutes long, this album is no laughing matter. Kick ass distortions, powerviolence-esque random chord progressions, and transitioning from growling to screaming with some voice cracks and back again. I wouldn't say the guitar riffs are mathy as they are just progressive sounding. It's hard to say. Just pick up this album and you'll see!

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