Monday, March 28, 2011

Cranford Nix - Acoustic (???)


"Cranford Nix was a singer-songwriter from Detroit, Michigan who died on March 12th 2002, at age 33 from a drug overdose."

Cranford Nix has one of those indescribable voices that can't be compared to anyone else. Sure, he may have a raspy voice like Tom Waitts and bold, lyrical content like Billy Bragg but he's more than just that. What made me fall in love most with this guy was his lyrical content. When I first started listening to him I thought it was kind of funny that he was singing about things such as breaking out of rehab, hating his girlfriend and wanting to kill her, insecurity, and about accepting death. Now, after listening to it a few times, I realize how fucked up he really was. I was surfing around on the internet and found a very interesting article from the local newspaper in Detroit about Cranford Nix and his death. The article can be found here. It just sucks hearing that a guy like this, who had so much fucking potential, can just throw his life away. It just really pisses me off because he was probably that person who lies to your face and tells you everything is okay and you KNOW they aren't okay. I think listening to Cranford's music is a real life lesson. He lived the things he wrote about, y'know? I guess he was just in the moment living how he wanted to and I can't really blame him for that. I'm sure deep down inside he was a nice, sincere, and loyal person to those who truly loved him. It's a real emotional experience when listening to his music so if this isn't your thing then steer clear of it. But really, I suggest this to those who just want to hear some honest, passionate music that can speaks to those who are in a troubled situation.

Rest In Peace

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  1. Period dramas are what, some may argue, the BBC does best. And Cranford seems to hold that argument up. It's beautifully filmed with a fantastic cast that fits each character perfectly. They're not all the biggest names, but they don't have to be. The best of the best being Philip Glenister as Mr. Carter, and Judi Dench as Matty Jenkins. This adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's books has really a lot for a wide range of people. There's comedy, drama, romance, suffering, heart wrenching sadness, and even some social commentary throw in there.


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