Sunday, March 27, 2011

Relics Of Future - Self Titled (2009)

I don't have too much information to tell you about Relics Of Future seeing as how there's hardly ANY information out there so I apologize if this review seems rather short. Hell, I couldn't even find their demo! But anyways, Relics Of Future are from The Netherlands and play a metallic crust sound also known as stenchcore. Some of their riffs are rather fast but are ALWAYS heavy. The vocals are very much growled, like really fucking growled. You could almost mistaken these guys for a death metal band or something. Relics Of Future are most comparable to bands such as Contagium, Misanthropic, and Realm Of Chaos. There is lightly a Bolt Thrower-esque sound to them too, which judging by whether or not you like them will make the listening experience all the more better/worse. Like crust? Like heavy stuff? Well, you know what to do. Pick this shit up! If anyone has any information to provide me for this band let me know!!


  1. If you need more info about RoF, don't hesitate to contact:

    btw, those guys don't com from Netherlands; they are located in Moers, Germany!

    best regards

  2. hey, I`m the bass player of relics of future.

    Dowload our Album:



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