Thursday, March 17, 2011

Music For Airports - Boscoverde (2009)


"Music For Airports is a 4 piece chaotic hardcore band from Italy"

DID SOMEONE SAY THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN? No, we said Music for Airports. Similar? Yes. The same? Not quite. Okay, whoever tagged Music For Airports as "Messugah" is a fucking retard. THAT MADE ME FUCKING RAGE! They aren't in the same field as that shitty fucking band so don't EVER compare them to it! Djent shit is pretentious as fuck. Oh wait... I just realized the band tagged themselves with that. ._. Fuck Messugah. Anyways, Music For Airports sent mt their 2009 release asking for feedback and this is what I have to say. I've never heard a band like this in a sense of chaotic-ness. You would think bands know their limits and limitations but Music For Airports pushes those boundaries with their mathy as fuck hardcore. Seriously, you think bands would stop in between with some kind of slow part but this band just rapes you with sound and heavy distortion. Blast beats are pretty much the key and awesome as fuck hammer ons that give for a real 90s feel groove feel (no, not shitty groove metal). Yes, there ARE some breakdowns but they're fast and constant so they're not your typical breakdown. They're very... MATHY chaotic breakdowns. Random chord progessions and blast beats with harsh as fuck vocals is pretty much what this band relies on for their punishing sound. I don't fucking know. Assess this album for yourself by clicking my shit the whole way down there. 


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