Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This Time Tomorrow - Nadir (2007)


"This Time Tomorrow was formed in early 2005 by members of the Northwest’s crust and hardcore scenes, with the intent of bringing outrage and action back into an apathetic musical community. Feeling that the time had long past for their generation to once again take a firmer ethical stance, the band was motivated to create music that could be used as a vehicle for social change.Heavily influenced by bands that initially drew their interest to hardcore - Trial, Indecision, Turmoil, Chokehold… you will notice elements of these bands as well as current hardcore and punk themes in their music. With heavy lyrical emphasis on the themes of animal and environmental liberation, they have already begun to open the eyes of the hardcore community. Signing to New Age should only further the influence of their growing grasp."

Pushing away influences from the crusties, This Time Tomorrow has managed to keep their straight edge image through the power of music. They look to inspire change through lyrics by promoting such ideas as animal and environmental liberation by leading vegan lifestyles. I myself am not straight edge but I do have to give props to those who are (regardless what people say). TTT has a very familiar sound to them with the exception of kick ass female vocals. I wouldn't put them in the same league as Gather but more bands like Chokehold, Trial, Left For Dead, and Morning Again. I honestly don't know why these guys haven't been picked up by Deathwish or Bridge Nine because they're fucking awesome. And the way their tracks are named after roman numerals... it's like there is a hidden agenda their music. People say punks don't change shit but who knows? Maybe this is the kind of music we need for change. Maybe not now but for our future; our generation.


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