Monday, March 14, 2011

Cloud Rat - Self Titled (2010)


"Cloud Rat is an American three-piece grindcore/fastcore band from the area of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Since forming in late 2009/early 2010, they have recorded and recently released a debut LP."

HOLY FUUUUUCK this is some GREAT stuff!! I honestly wasn't expecting this from a debut LP. I thought it'd be some shitty recording with terrible as fuck vocals and nothing but blast beats but THIS... is AWESOME! Consisting of 11 lightning fast tracks, Clout Rat shreds up the place with their fast as fuck female fronted grindcore. They have that raw energy of Magrudergrind without all the powerviolence influence, the abrasive melodicness of Skarp, and the fast as holy fuck mother of GOD trait of Weekend Nachos. Hell, there's even some spoken word and movie clips in the middle of this album which just adds to the coolness factor. I wasn't sure if the vocalist was actually a female until I was digging around on the internet and looked them up on the internet. They look like a real awesome group of people. I really loved the their track Sinkhole. It just has an angry, pissed off as fuck "I hate everyone" attitude that just makes you want to ball your fist up and punch the nearest wall. I recommend this to fans of any style of grindcore. You can't go wrong with Cloud Rat. Be sure to check out their blog here!


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