Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Shanes - Pölka (2005)

From last.fm:

"The Shanes are a German hard polka band from Trier active from 1991 until now (disbandment announced for 2010). The band published 8 CDs and is touring mainly in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg, but they also performed in the USA/Texas, Great Britain, France, Poland and Hungary"

After about 10 years, The Shanes have called it quits. I'm really sorry to hear that because I love their music. :/ Having toured extensively in places like Germany, Switzerland, Poland, and even the States, The Shanes are no stranger to the sweet sweet sound that is polka. The Shanes are compromised of seven members playing various instruments such as mandolins, banjos, accordions, and fiddles. They combine a wonderful blend with their traditional folk sound to give for a very light and easy listening experience. Polka that has a bit of an edge but yet you still can dance to. What else can you ask for?!? 

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