Thursday, May 3, 2012

Truncheons - Demo (2011)


“We play punk, deal with it.”

It just so happens I like punk so I am dealing with it!!!

From the bowels of the rawest most aggressive forms of punk, Truncheons have been born out of the ashes of Ontario-based bands After The Bombs, H.O.P.E., and The Total End. Their objective is to to do one thing and that is to melt your fucking face off. These guys kick it old school with the raw punk sound backed by banshee-like echoing vocals and at-times d-beat patterns. Anger is your weapon and authority is the opposition. So throw on your vest, tie up those laces, and prepare to pogo the fuck away.

Carry on my d-beat sons, carry on.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tragedy - Darker Days Ahead (preview)

Three tracks from Tragedy's up and coming album Darker Days Ahead scheduled to be released May 8th.

Distastrophy - Distort the Future, Distort the Past (2012)



Featuring Jan (Ramlord, Ultra//Negative, Felines) on vocals/guitar and Brian (Ramlord, Ultra//Negative) on drums, Distatrophy take their own spin on crasher crust and bring da noise hard with this 6-track demo of blistering d-beat and ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!!!!!!!!! The sound levels get fucked up at times but who cares because it's PUNK as fuck.

If you're the fan of the Ram and all their previous side projects like I am be sure to add this one to your collection!

Buy the album digitally here:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hongo - ...y sembrarán los campos de odio (2012)



Hongo is a four piece sludge metal band, in earlier times strongly influenced by screamo and crust punk, now playing a darker and more metallic sound with suffocated vocals.

The band born as it is in 2000 in A Coruña, Spain, in those times their line up wasn’t really formalized. First Hongo show was in 2002 in A Coruña at a place called Bar Egeo with SL’S3 with Mejuto (Madame Germen, Ictus) on drums, David (SL’S3) at the guitar, Ernesto the other guitar, Barrós (SL’S3, Destierro, Asfixia) bass and Diego screaming. 

Lately the line up changed when Ivan (Nashgul) joined to play drums and Emilio was added as a 2nd voice. 2004, In this moment Hongo recorded their first material at Studios Bonham in A Coruña.

Little bit after, Ruben (Madame Germen, Black Panda joins to play bass. Diego and Emilio left and now Hongo is a four piece band. 

Hongo recorded their first LP “Formas de Vida que se Precipitan hacia su Destrucción” in 2006 and a shared LP with a french sludge band called Aguirre 

In this project, they try to expose sincere conclusions to humanity’s guidelines and behaviours, urged by mechanisms of development of social interaction (and everything which it involves for example sociability, economy, work, suffering, wars, deaths, deaths and more deaths…) that shouldn’t exist, used to reach the so longed-for well-being state… at all costs?… at the expense of what and how many?"

There's a lot to be said here when describing this band. One of the forefronts behind the latest (not really) subgenres of punk, neocrust, Hongo have managed to broaden the aspects and set the bar for other similar bands. They have been in the Spanish DIY scene long enough through various side projects and have had quite enough experience in not being your stereotypical crust band. You can't really describe them with a few words but their musical range goes anywhere from melodic death metal to screamo. Lets just say they're Hongo.

There's something you'll notice first about Hongo that you'll either love or hate: the vocals. The vocals are the EPITOME of the band. Hell, it even took me some getting used to be eventually they'll grow on you. Their lyrical content is filled with the fallacies and misfortunes of mankind. If this won't make you feel like shit then go outside and look at at the world around you. The combination of  the bleak heart-wrenching vocals and dark downtuned guitar playing on this album will be enough to have you banging your head in frustration. One thing that I was REALLY digging were the ISIS-esque riffs in Máquinas de tortura, but without all the bullshit pretentious Aaron Turner crap involved. If you've ever listened to Reflections of Internal Rain think ROIR Army Barmy.  Unfortunately, the album is missing a god tier post-rock/violin outro like on Formas de vida que se precipitan hacia la destrucción but it makes up for it with a passionate one.

Felines - East Cat Paw-Violence Demo (2012)


"Felines is a grinding violence band from portland, me. 

call your cat over turn it up way too loud"

It's no surprise these guys would get a massive hard-on over Infest just like any young punk.

The dudes from Ramlord are back but are making a different style of music that is accustomed to their own musical tastes. Drawing influences from Iron Lung, Man is the Bastard, and Archagathus, they put their own thoughts and ideas into their lyrics about cats, the most majestic and kvlt of all animals, into one 5 minute mincegrindviolence demo entitled East Cat Paw-Violence Demo.

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Wretched of the Earth - Demo (2012)


".anti-colonial d-beat hardcore from Portland.
Sean - bass/vocals
Angel - guitar/vocals
Sina - guitar/vocals
Dana Montana - drums

watch us at:"

Portland, OR is known for having some kick ass crust bands like Hellshock, From Ashes Rise, and Remains of the Day. Wretched of the Earth are no exception. One of my favorite releases so far this year, Wretched of the Earth combine everything you love about crust.

Power Concedes Nothing Without Revolution, the first track on the demo, has a very Fall of Efrafaish vibe from the beginning to the last only to be complemented with some natural d-beat. You'll notice their use of dual guitars early on, shredding everything in it's path almost as if they're battling each other to defend the d-beat arch. At times, the vocals are very clean cut but still growled, being able to shout "OCCUPY EVERYTHING!!!" at the top of your lungs. Back and forth back and forth they go from vocals to instrumentals, building up the song for maximum overkill. The fifth song, the self titled song, Wretched of the Earth, is mostly an instrumental track that throws in some traditional marching band-esque drumming style and dark sludgy riffs which sounds like it's preparing for the end of it all. Their last song on the demo, For Gender Self-Determination, starts off with a very endearing build up, with cymbals to follow. The dualing guitars are back and going at it even harder with more aggression and more passion. They don't skip a beat and make use of all their vocalists, the female one being more present than ever. The demo ends with an impressive guitar solo, yet again displaying their talent and ability to do what they want.

This is a MUST for anybody who likes anything melodic, d-beat, or metallic in their crust.

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