Monday, April 25, 2011

Roñoso - Self Titled (2008)


"Roñoso is a crust punk / sludge metal band from Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have released two full length albums, “Roñoso” in 2008 and “Seep and Destroy” in 2010."


It's been AGES since I've listened to something THIS heavy with an exception of maybe Admiral Angry but holy shit, guys, RONOSO IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE! It's strange because there are only 6 listeners on Hidden gem? I'M THINKING SO! They DID release an album in 2010 that I'm currently trying to get my hands on via facebook but you'll just have to stick to this album in the meantime. The first thing that came to mind when listening to these crazy bastards was Stormcrow. Seriously, they're like fucking Stormcrow but just imagine taking their whole death metal Bolt Thrower sound and replacing it with some heavy ass Eyehategod riffs. One of the first things I also noticed is the strong grindcore influence too. Some songs like Nature Defier have that real REAL heavy downtempo that's so fucking distorted (similar to Dystopia) that sounds like it's not even from this world. I didn't feel like cluttering the tags with GRINDCORE and CRUSTGRIND but I just thought I'd let y'all know that it's some pretty fast stuff, similar to Utopiam, Social Infestation, or Elitist. The d-beat drumming patterns are almost hypnotic at times and will you you in a state of disillusion wondering where the fuck the time went. I haven't found a real favorite crust band awhile but Roñoso have reinstated that love. Hopefully, the band will somehow send me a link or physical copy (that I would be uploading obviously) so I can toss it up here for you lovely folks. Be sure to follow my blog for what will possibly be another Roñoso album! 


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