Friday, April 1, 2011

The Great Sabatini - Sad Parade Of Yesterdays (2009)


"The Great Sabatini came together in Montreal in november of 2006. Since then they have recorded an ep entitled “Burning Wilderness”, played with a variety of local acts, started pre-production demos for a forthcoming full length album (some of which wound up on the cdr sampler “Dial Tone” ep) and embarked on a month long western Canada tour. Currently there are plans to record 2 tracks for a split mini-disc with Saskatchewan metal act SPARKY and some shows locally and abroad with summer-time drum replacement Steve (Sabatini) of the mighty TUGNUT (r. i.p.) while Will Sabatini is away in Europe."

These Montreal bad boys came rolling into Winnipeg last night to perform at War On Music, which is now fully converted over to being called The Death Trap with WoM being moved down the street. I had a rather lengthy chat with the guitarist and bassist (I can't remember their names for the life of me). We were just shooting the shit about bands, touring, people, quantum physics, etc. You how that quantum physics shit goes. When you're on the ball, YOU'RE ON THE FUCKING BALL. Lets just say the three of us are bros for life.  But anyways, all that hype and bro bonding had me really pumped up for their set. I took a stroll or two around the block before going back down to the grungy lair to watch The Great Sabatini perform. They had TVs set up ontop of PAs with weird trans-eyeball  screens which was rather bizzare but added to their coolness level. As soon as the lead guitar ripped into that first riff I knew was I was getting myself into. Hell, my ears are still fucking cloudy. I was standing right next to the PAs just getting hammered with sound and not having any earplugs really did a number on me. But whatever, IT WAS ALL IN THE NAME OF THE GREAT SABATINI. I was originally supposed to meet a friend here because she wanted to see these guys too but she never showed up and I'm sorry for her loss. I honestly did not know these guys were going to be THIS fucking great. They have a raw, noisy sound similar to KEN Mode with some legit proggy sludge thrown in. This album seems to incorporate a lot of what I saw last night and throws in a bit of heavy distorted stoner riffs. All in all, this has to be their best release to date. Be sure to support this band by purchasing their albums here. Every dollar goes a long way!


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