Saturday, April 9, 2011

Corea - Quien Encuentra A La Madre Conoce A Los Hijos (2007)


"Corea is a screamo / post-rock band from Alicante, Spain"

I've been browsing some bandcamps sites pulling a few bands here and there for the last hour or so and I've finally come across a band worth uploading to my blog. It's funny because they were actually in my account with 0 plays so it's not like I DIDN'T have the intent of checking them out. When you connect a screamo band name and album to the Spanish language, you KNOW you're in for a treat. Corea seem to throw tons and tons of crescendos at you with some overpowering and shattering twinkly build ups up, similar to Gifts From Enola, only to devastate your ears with some crushing vocals. They seem to set a very hypnotic and atmospheric mood, as if they're going from the far end of the corners just to blow your mind. Some songs such as Voy A Morir Como Nunca Ha Muerto Nadie Antes Seem to really their sound in one sitting, with just starting with a warm build up gently irking it's way to an explosive finish. The only problem I have with this album is the annoying bleepy and bloopy track at the end but other than that it's pretty spot on. It's hard to come across a decent band who uses post-rock and screamo blended together so perfectly to capture both genres perfectly but I think Corea does just that. Be sure to check out Astoria Records to purchase the album!

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