Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Uncle Sinner - Ballads And Mental Breakdowns (2008)


"Uncle Sinner is a Canadian artist who plays music that sweats, scratches and stomps. Most of his songs are created using the skeletons of traditional American music, but the words are often re-written and the bones rearranged. Uncle Sinner accompanies his arrangements with banjo, slide guitar and various other guitars. Additional instrumentation and arrangement is provided by Fuller Vengeance, a.k.a. Matt McLeod of The White Light Machine.Uncle Sinner’s first cd, “Ballads and Mental Breakdowns”, was released in December 2008 by Devil’s Ruin Records. A follow-up, tentatively called “Rocks and Gravel” is slowly taking shape."

This is a request (I think?) for my pal Marco. Well, I wouldn't call it a request because I actually genuinely like this band. Uncle Sinner are a gothic Americana/country band from right here in Winnipeg! It was kind of strange to learn they come from here and I have never even heard of them. o.o Maybe I can ask around and see if they still play! Their style combines traditional Americana sound with southern roots, similar to Mississippi blues and gothic themed lyrics. Their approach to traditional classical American music is a harsh one. They seem to throw out that "GOOD OL' AMERICAN BOYS" theme and replace it with some dark and depressing lyrics with songs such as Gospel Plow, Old Rub Alcohol Blues (what the fuck kind of name is this for a song?), and When Jesus Comes. Holy fuck. I just relistened to Old Rub Alcohol Blues and it's so depressing... Wow. I'm not one for all HURR DURR OH MY GOD I LOVE AMERICA FUCK YEAH type of folk music so don't expect that from my posts. I love originally when it comes to folk music and Uncle Sinner tops the cake. If you're a fan of hellbilly, Hank Williams III, or Johnny Cash, I'd suggest checking this out. So kick back, bust out he rubbing alcohol, and throw another pouch of dip in your mouth because it's going to be a long one.

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