Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Marion Barry - Black Power Violence (2011)

From last.fm:

"Some dudes from LA who tear ass in the name of excellence and crack smoke.Black Power Violence…"

With another Californian powerviolence band comes another pun name and every other song sampling some movie or TV show. Unlike Charles Bronson, I actually had to look up who the hell Marion Barry is. Apparently he's some Democratic over in DC who is currently serving as a member of the Council of the District Of Columbia. Whatever the hell that is. I wonder how guys like this actually know who the hell a guy like Marion Barry is anyways. It's probably some deep dark inside joke that no one will hear about until one of their blank unreleased cassette tapes gets out there for the public. In any case, that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to these guys. They play a fusion of grindcore and powerviolence that's actually pretty fun to listen to if you can get past the fact that the recording is rather lo-fi and only 11 of the 21 songs are scrobbable for all you last.fmites. I'd suggest grabbing a pair of headphones and turning up the volume to max because that'll is the only way you will enjoy this album. Don't even ask me what the hell is going with the last track because I seriously have NO idea. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe since I've found more flaws in this album than I have positive things that is actually IS pretty fucking bad. Who knows? I'm a sucker for powerviolence and I love shitty recordings of anything. It almost reminds me of a friends band but actually a bit better. If you're looking for some shits and giggles when it comes to powerviolence, I'd say go with Marion Barry. Would you rather be listening to Nickelback right now? I don't think so.



  1. Just so you know, Marion Barry is more famous for being caught on video camera smoking crack with a prostitute in the early 90's.

    Best part? He got reelected later on. DC has an insane love and respect for that man. No idea why.

  2. yeah and tons of PV/HC people are very aware of politics and its figures. why do some of your reviews start with condescending the band? And low-fi rules


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