Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Koriza - Self Titled (2009)


"KORIZA is an avant-garde/post-hardcore band from Saint Petersburg, Russia.This band was founded in fall 2006 in Saint-Petersburg. Next summer, they’ve recorded a 6 song demo, named «-r. videl v4era tvoego malysha». 22 november 2009 there was an album released on Delicious Music label. This album also distributed in mp3 version for free under Creative Commons license.There was some reshuffle, but in 2010 an original band members gathered once again. And for the fact the band broke up."

Excuse my typing on this review because I'm tired as fuck and I have to get up in a little bit to do some grocery shopping. Koriza are an experimental screamo band from MOTHER RUSSIA. What I've noticed about most screamo bands from Russia is that they're very different... No screamo band is the same. They may not be able to match the raw REAL screamo sound that takes place over in France but don't count Russia out just yet because they make up for their inability to be random as fuck while throwing in some incredible melodies. Koriza are no excepting this this weird bunch of screamo bands, only to play some very off the wall avant-garde stuff. If you're familiar with the genre then you know there are some specific guidelines you HAVE to follow and Koriza seem to take that protocol and go above and beyond. Not only do to have some crazy ass chaotic downtempo riffs (holy shit is this guitar tuned low. check out the youtube video below for refrence) but they also incorporate some other ambient sounds, piano, keyboards, scratching (YES, SCRATCHING LOL),  and sax, all at the comfort of an electronic keyboard. I think that factor adds most to their avant-garde feel. Seriously though, since when have you heard some crazy ass math riff transform into some weird tremolo picked jazzy riff with pianos and ambient bleeps and bloops going on in the back. NEVER. THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT! I try my best to post off the wall and insane, unusual bands that mix it up in such a strict genre such as screamo. I'm PRETTY sure Koriza takes the cake on this one. Unfortunately, the band broke up in 2009 so we won't be hearing any more of them. :< IF YOU'RE LIKE ME, THEN YOU'RE GOING TO LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM LIKE 10 TIMES IN ONE SITTING. Like screamo? Want something different and not the same bullshit City Of Caterpillar rip off? Well, I'd advise you to pick up this album right meow.

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