Thursday, April 21, 2011

Naive Fighters - Budeme Tancovať Na Troskách Tejto Spoločnosti (2001)


"Slovak anarcho-folk-feministic group formed around in 1997. Since 199 the name of group is Naive Figters.Members: Daniel: guitar, sing Maťa: sing Farki: drums"

Yep. You've read the description correctly. Sorry to all those who called folk punk gimmicky and a trend considering it's been around since Bob fucking Dylan and way before then. I really don't have a clue what Naive Fighters are saying nor could I distinguish them as an anarcho or feminist group but thanks to our lovely pals at who built this database of information do. Naive Fighters are a three man (one being female :P) folk punk band from Slovakia. I'm not sure why I'm attracted to them but I am. Maybe it's the fact that the guitar riffs are so fucking basic but yet catchy at the same time. Or maybe it's the female vocals? Either way, shit's dope. I love the songs that throw in a wooden flute. If I was in Slovakia I'd assume there are a bunch of anarchists running around with flutes and shit singing about songs about protest. Yeah... that'd be fucking cool. Their song album, Kocka, isn't as good as this one in my opinion but they do throw in a mix of both English and Slovakian lyrics which is pretty cool. They also have some weird electronic flute sounding thing that doesn't really go with the songs. If you're a collector of different styles of folk punk, especially from foreign countries, this is definitely a must. It doesn't hurt to stray away from regular stuff and hear other countries spin on it. Hell, these guys are more punk than fucking Andrew Jackson Jihad will EVER be. I FUCKING HATE WHEN PEOPLE CALL ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD FOLK PUNK DESPITE THE FACT I DO AS WELL. Lets start calling them anti-folk, y'all. SEACREST, OOOOOOOOOUT!

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