Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dead America - Bleed The Human Heart (1997)


"DEAD AMERICA are a totally forgotten/overlooked anarcho-crust-grind-something band from early to mid-90’s Costa Mesa, California."

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. When people ask me, "HEY RYAN! I LOVE THE MISANTHROPIC SOUND OF DYSTOPIA AND WANT SOME MORE. WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST?" I generally throw out something like Social Infestation, Elitist, Utopium, or Sea Of Deprivation but I've found yet ANOTHER band similar to that sound and maybe even closer to the others. These crusty fucks from the California region kick it old school with this 1997 release that is nothing but straight up fucking misanthropy and hatred. Like the bands similar above, Dead American combine that raw fucking downtempo'd HOLY FUCK GUYS YOUR STRINGS ARE ALL FUCKED UP sludge sound that sounds as if there's a fucking spaceship blasting off into space combined with the insane amounts of reverb. The fast paced crustgrind influence and face-punching vocals are enough to melt the skin clean off your fucking bones. I don't think this band needs no introduction. Having played with Dystopia before, there's GOT to be some credibility to their name. Sadly enough, yet another underrated band goes unknown but I am here to shed light and push forth what would otherwise be unknown. Don't let the obscurity fuck with your mind because these guys are truly the grim of the grimmest. 

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