Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Million Dead Birds Laughing - Force Fed Enlightenment (2011)


"Conceived and inspired by the unrelenting spirit of grind, AMDBL fuses dark melody and brooding insight to deliver an onslaught of uncompromising atmospheric composition; creating a unique blend of extreme themes and influences."

I was searching around a bit for some new music and I noticed my friend listening to this band name called A Million Dead Birds Laughing. Judging by the name I thought they were some shitty generic cresendocore post-rock band. I digged up some more information on them and I heard they were an "experimental" grindcore band. I love grindcore. I love anything deemd "experimental" so I was just like FUUUUUUUUUCK YEEEEEEEEAH and instantly got on board the AMDBL train. Thanks a ton reconJ for hooking me up with this album! AMDBL take the traditional deathgrind sound that we know and love pioneered by bands such as Napalm Death and Repulsion, warp it into some twisted fucking Discordance Axis/Today Is A Day-esque noisy production, throw in some technical as fuck riffs like Gridlink, and top it off  with original melodic Dissection parts. I haven't heard anything this technical or original in both grindcore and death metal since the first time I listened to Humanity Falls. They're kind of similar but HF focuses on death metal whereas AMDBL are a lot more grindcore influenced. I'm not sure what Australia's stance is on the whole grindcore scene (I know those pissed off fuckers like a lot of powerviolence and hardcore so this should fall into their category. Also, why the fuck are Australians always so on edge and calling each other cunts?) but I can totally see these guys making a name for themselves in the next few years to come, especially with this top tier release. What I found really strange about AMDBL is that their lyrics are easy to make out. I'm not sure whether that's a good or bad thing in grindcore but I'm really digging these guys regardless. It's just about originality. They're doing some pretty original stuff within a genre that's hardly known for differentiating at all. If you're looking for some experimental grind with technical side to it, I would highly suggest this band. Support the band and pick up their CD Welkin records. I have high hopes for this band and hopefully one day I'll see them on Relapse records!



  1. I saw these guys recently in a tiny bar. They're excellent. Good post, cunt.


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