Friday, April 8, 2011

20 Minutes De Chaos - Compilation (1999-2001)


"20 Minutes de Chaos was a band playing kind of crusty-punk-hardcore-metal, call it as you want anyway. It was Do It Yourself for sure. Based in Dijon/France, the band existed under this name from early 1997 until late 2004."

It's not everyday you get to listen to a primarily female fronted band from Dijon, France. Well, it's not exactly primarily female fronted but there are two female vocalists and one male. The description says they're not active but they actually are, seeing as how they're still touring and actually playing in Dijon on the 28th of this month. I can't help but think of 20 Minutes De Chaos as a French version of Witch Hunt. There are a bit more metal influences in 2MDC than Witch Hunt which makes a difference. So lets just say it's like Harum Scarum meets Cress or something like that. If you read up on my blog then you'll realize that I'm a sucker for female vocalists and this band being from France has just completely won over my heart. <3 Their thrashy metallic crust, which is pretty melodic at times, infused with that raw hardcure punk sound and guttural vocals  to create something that is truly listenable for any fan of crust. They even do a cover of Hiroshima, originally done by Dirt! Now, I'm not sure whether or not this is a fan-made compilation (I pulled it from here via google search) but the album listed on these tracks are not correct. Execradores are actually hardcore band from Brazil that they did a split with. I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping they'll release a full-length or EP or SOMETHING this year! I hope you do the same. Check out their website for future updates, touring dates, releases, etc. 

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  1. Hi! i m former guitarist of this band and we actually plan to record a full album this year!
    keep in touch!!
    contact us at:


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