Monday, April 4, 2011

Drunkdriver - Self Titled (2010)


"a lumbering wounded animal, limping along until it reaches its terrifying death"

Thanks found_dead for hooking me up with this band! I'm a pretty avant fan of both noise rock and punk so to see both of them intertwined is a pretty special bond in my eyes. I think the scene in Edmonton does it best when incorporating these two. Drunkdriver seem to really nail every aspect of the old school hardcore punk sound and then some. 80's hardcore was generally raw, rather harsh recordings, and just aggressive. DD captures EXACTLY that in their 2010 self titled release. Born Pregnant, one of their 2008 releases, was alright but it in no way, shape, or form lives up this album. Like the description from states, listening to Drunkdriver WILL REALLY MAKE YOU FEEL AS IF YOU'RE A WOUNDED ANIMAL LIMPING HIS/HER WAY TO DEATH! Yes, that is a good thing!! I'm reading up on and everyone is saying the band is broken up because the drummer actually raped some girl... OH BOY, WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS NOT SURPRISE ME? Huh... I wonder if he raped the female guitarist? I don't really know. o.o But anyways, if you're looking for some noisy punk with an edge and heavy distortion Drunkdriver is your safest bet.

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