Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exit Strategy - United States Of Amnesia (2008)


"Grindcore band from Canada (Calgary, Alberta) formed in 2008.Line-up Thérèse Lanz - Vocals (2009-) Joe Sikorski - Guitars (2006-) Greg Musgrave - Bass (2006-) Casey Rogers - Drums (2006-)"

I was doing research on KEN Mode and noticed Therese Lanz, a recent member to join KM as of 2010, was also in a grindcore band called Exit Strategy. I got pretty curious and decided to see what was up. I had a hard time finding the releases to the point where I actually messaged a listener on for a link and he graciously uploaded it for me. Unfortunately, this album doesn't have Therese's vocals considering she joined in 2009. I was a bit disappointed but I just shrugged it off. Exit Strategy play a rather different blend of death metal and grindcore. It's argueable that there's more death metal influence than grindcore at times. As the album name suggests, the lyrical content is very anti-war, being backed by tracks such as "War Torn Glaze", "The Duality Of Man", and "The Divine Ignorance". They even sample some news station or some sort with people saying stuff like "Iraq", "Al Qaeda", and "Democracy?" This the deathgrind I DO like. Not this shitty br00tal death metal grind fusion that's all BLOOD AND GUTS BLOOD AND GUTS BLOOD AND GUTS and groovy riff crap. It seems they go far beyond this, incorporating some very technical guitar work rather than the generic 30 second blast beats and pig squeals going off. As I listen to more and more deathgrind I'm really starting to gain a new found respect for it. A lot of it is shit but the hidden gems are what makes me keep coming back to it. If anyone has their 2010 release The Apostate's Creed let me know!

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  1. This site kicks ass. Here is Exit Strategy's 2010 Album - The Apostate's Creed.


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