Friday, April 15, 2011

Petnaesti Čeh - Promo (2010)


"Petnaesti Čeh aka The 15th Czech started in spring of 2008. as a four piece. Line up was Gonzo (Hidden Layer, No Hate No Fun) as vocal, Krusi as the founder of the band on guitar, Walid (Dig A Hole, Eskadron) on bass and Perica (Dolibasija, Raspad Sistema, Igut, Amok) on drums. We started making some songs immediately, and soon Andrija (Dig A Hole, Breaking The Fourth Wall, Gardens Of Hiroshima) came in as a lead guitar. Soon Gonzo left the band due to his personal lack of interest for the kind of music we were playing, but we continued to make songs. In autumn of 2009 Tea joined the band as a vocalist and everything fell into place. Since then we’ve been playing some old songs, making some new ones and playing gigs. In the spring of 2010 we recorded a three song promo that you will be able to hear and download on our MySpace page soon. In May 2010 Perica decided to left the band because of work and bands beside XVC, and on his place came Kris for good (Black Sails, Hidden Layer, Naelc Wonk, Amok) after he played one gig for us in Slovenia.We are playing hardcore punk influenced by such bands as Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, His Hero Is Gone, To What End? etc. and influenced by old school hardcore punk from the 80’s, but also influenced by our past projects and all the music we have been listening for years. Everyone in the band brought something the influenced on our sound, so it’s hard to count all the influences."

I went on a binge a few months ago of picking up mainly female fronted hardcore punk bands from little countries like Slovakia, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, and some other obscure countries. I picked up this release and loved it, only for it to be forgotten. Kind of strange, I know. I actually grabbed these guys long before I started my blog. I got an email from Kris, one of the members of the band, throwing out his promo and asking me to listen to it. I was just like OH SHI- I'VE LISTENED TO THIS BAND BEFORE! And thus my love for these guys was reinstated yet again. Petnaesti Čeh take a very aggressive punk rock sound, throw in some female vocals, and add a kick ass crust blend to crush your ears with some all out aggression. If you're a fan of foreign hardcore I have no doubt that you'll like these guys. 

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