Saturday, April 9, 2011

He Who Ox Is Gored - OP AMPS II: Into the Ethers (2010)


"He Whose Ox is Gored is a post-hardcore band from Seattle, WA. Tuned low and turned up, The OX released their debut EP, OP AMPS, in 2009 on their own Fucka/Phantom Rage label. Featuring heavy guitars and atmospheric synth soundscapes, they have received comparisons to Isis, Torche, and M83. They are currently recording at Studio Witch Ape with the legendary TAD (TAD, Hog Molly, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth) working on their follow-up, OP AMPS II: Into the Ethers."

He Who Ox Is Gored are yet another find on bandcamp that I've been into ever since I got my hands on this album. I showed them to my friend Jesse, calling them "doomgaze" and he thought I was full of shit. Little to his surprise did he actually really enjoy them by calling the band legit. This DIY band from Seattle seem play a colorful blend of all that is different in the music world and combines them to create one overpowering sound. HWOIG seem to create a very rich and atmospheric effect with their low-tuned guitars and slow tempos while synths gently hug the heavy riffing. The soft but aggressive vocals underlying some crazy melodies will lead you to believe they're playing a genre of their own. When the guitars start to pick up that's when you're in for a real treat. The guitar playing starts to get technical and math-like, with the overall tempo starting to pick up faster and faster, resembling post-hardcore mix somewhere between Fugazi and Glassjaw. Tracks such as Forked Tongues and Cloven Hoof resemble what I was about in my last sentence. They released an EP back in March entitled Nightshade which can be found on their bandcamp. I decided to throw this album up instead mainly because there are more tracks which present you with an overall feel of what they're trying to come across with their music. Check out these Seattle bad boys and be sure to purchase something off their bandcamp!

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