Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hattbrot! - Under Maktens Stora Skugga.. (2009)


"Hatbrott was founded early 2009 in the deep dark town of Markaryd by three guys who lost faith in humanity and society. Philip from Landskrona, Linus from Örnsköldsvik and Jimmy from Markaryd. Together they decided to bring old fashion crust to life, with extreme leftwing lyrics and instruments tuned down to “H/B”. Very soon they had a couple of songs ready with crushing D-beat and deathdefying brutality. The project got named “Hatbrott”(Hatecrime) and a bunch of shows was played, and a reputation got established… The brutality of their live shows now defines what Hatbrott is all about. Hatbrott is here to stay!"

Out from the depths of the crust scene of Sweden comes a very unique blend crust, only to be appropriately named Hatbrott! aka Hatecrime. This obscure little crust trio from Markayrd, Sweden bring forward all of the best blends of crust falling somewhere in between Martydod, Skitsystem, Stormcrow, Diskonto, His Hero Is Gone, and Iskra. Not only does this band provide some EXCELLENT d-beat drumming that'll have your toe tapping but there are some HEAVY, HEAVY, HEEEEEAVY fucking metallic riffs pushing through the guttural-to-shrieking hellish vocals. Though this release may be consisting of 4 track it's a powerful and will have you off your ass wondering when a next release will follow. 2011 looks like a PERFECT year for this! Only time will tell...


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