Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Captain Bratch And The Redbeards - 13 Really Good Reasons To Kill Yourself (2009)

Sorry folks! I don't have much information on these guys. There wasn't a description or anything so bare with me. I was looking up some information on youtube and miscellaneous places and I stumbled across their newer band, 37 Cents. I will probably be uploading it 37 Cents in the future so stay tuned! What I did learned is that they're signed to Wylscot Records. As for Captain Bratch and the Redbeards, I have no clue. They may also be based out or around somewhere in Texas but I'm very unclear about that as well. If you guys have any information let me know! Anyways, onto the music. I was expecting this album to have some really shitty quality to it but to my surprise it's really, really, REALLY fucking good. You can hear every string strum beautifully picked that goes straight in unison with the claps, whistles, and harmonica parts. I usually classify folk punk as four types: shock factor (AJJ, Beans On Toast, Ghost Mice), anarcho-punk (Johnny Hobo, Asking For It, Folk The System), pop (Fake Problems, The Wild, American War), and gypsy (Blackbird Raum, Dandelion Junk Queens, Abandon Ship!). In my opinion, these guys fall in somewhere in between the anarcho-punk and pop type. The vocals are light but harsh but in a good way. :yrical content usually includes things such as apathy, being true, saying FUCK IT, human and animal liberation, and just overall nihilistic points of views. But the thing that gets me is how can these guys be so loveable? Seriously, if you watch the video they look like the nicest guys in the world. I could totally see myself having a few drinks and having bro moments with em. One of my favorite songs, "I Have A Level 23 Social Life", relates to me on a very personal basis just for the fact that I used to play lots of RPGs because life fucking sucks and the lyrics are very pessimistic. It's just a very nostalgic album for me. I'm VERY interested in hearing 37 Cents now because if it's anything like Captain Bratch then I know I won't be disappointed. If you're looking for poppy and anarchist folk punk check these guys out. Sorry I couldn't find an album cover! I just took this off a youtube video. Enjoy. :3

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