Sunday, April 10, 2011

The World/Inferno Friendship Society - The Anarchy And The Ecstasy (2011)


"The World/Inferno Friendship Society is a cabaret punk band from Brooklyn, New York. Its style merges punk, klezmer, and gospel, while its collective membership features horns, piano, guitar, a number of percussionists, as well as a variety of other instruments such as accordion, xylophone and orchestra bells.This musical collective has historically had over 30 members, including former members of Dexys Midnight Runners. Usually one can expect to see about nine or ten members on-stage when they perform. The group is led by singer Jack Terricloth and guitarist Lucky Strano, who have been the most constant members throughout the group’s history. Terricloth is known for his pointed commentary during shows: his monologues have touched on politics, his transformation from the “old school,” and baiting of bouncers which usually end up with the band buying drinks for the whole staff.Members have also played in Sticks and Stones, Guignol, The Hold Steady, Nanuchka, Kid Casanova, Anti-Social Music, Morning Glory, Planned Collapse, Star Fucking Hipsters, The Dresden Dolls, and have been guests on Mischief Brew, stellastarr*, Public Radio International and Leftöver Crack recordings, as well as having The Casualties, along with Paul Maroon of Jonathan Fire*Eater on guitar, make a guest appearance on the recording of “Our Candidate”.Their lyrics often concern historical and/or biographical subject matter, such as Weimar-era Germany, Peter Lorre, Jeffrey Lee Pierce of The Gun Club, Paul Robeson, Leni Riefenstahl, Dante Alighieri, Jonathan Fire*Eater and other personages deemed to be of historical significance. Other songs deal with the terrifying, exulting, magical, and awful aspects of life that “make it more than waking up and going to work every day”. One notable composition is a three-song cycle about love and loss in a temporary autonomous zone which appears on the 2002 album Just The Best Party. The lyric pattern and subject matter of the song cycle are similar to The Wild Party."

I feel like such an idiot wow. I'm a real big fan of The World/Inferno Friendship Society and I didn't even realize they came out with a new album until half an hour ago. ._. Goddamnit I suck. If you're not familiar with these guys, they're an ever changing cabaret band incorporating such elements as gospel, klezmer, punk, other gypsy overtones. Some of the members have played in some bands such as The Hold Steady, Morning Glory, Star Fucking Hipsters, Leftover Crack, and The Casualties. I wouldn't call these guys as much as a band as I would a "collective" because they have band members coming and going, with Jack Terricloth being the lead frontman throughout the whole entire way. The Anarchy And The Ecstasy seems to be a very different kind of style unlike most of their albums. I also read up that this is the last album they're going to be doing? I hope not! Well, they HAVE been around since like 1997 so they definitely have paid their dues.  It seems a lot of their punk influence was lost and decided to work solely on building a jazz-like cabaret album due to their heavy use of saxophone. Such other instruments they use in this album include pianos, electronic keyboards, and even some xylophones. For some reason I can't stop thinking of a gypsy version of The Gaslight Anthem when listening to this album... It definitely has a summer-like feel to it. It's like something you listen to on a car ride on a warm summer night when you're cruising around with your friends. This album is definitely A LOT more calmer and chiller than the rest of their stuff, which leads me to believe that they MIGHT actually be calling it quits. I really hope they don't though. Don't take my word for it because I straight up don't really know. Overall, I wouldn't say this is this best album but I wouldn't call it their worse either.World/Inferno fans shouldn't be disappointed!


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