Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Seconds To Leave - SoundScapeLandTracks (2011)


"Five Seconds to Leave is a mystical three-piece post-rock band from Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Republic formed in 2008 by formerly members of Czech sludge band Nuit.They creates the spirit of sound through bass guitar, guitar and drums combining the elements of drone, ambient, post-rock, post-metal or sludge.Band have recorded several demo materials and played together and shared stage with bands as Thema Eleven, A Storm of Light, Asva, Russian Circles, This Will Destroy You, God Is an Astronaut, Kongh, Caspian.In March 2010 Five Seconds to Leave went on their tour to the Baltic States including shows in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia area. Most of them together with Estonian psychedelic / doom metal duo Talbot.In January 2011 they releasing first full-lenght album Sound.Scape.Land.Tracks in co-operation with Noise Assault Agency Budweiss and Silver Rocket labels."

I haven't really listened to much experimental post-rock stuff besides the crescendo kind (Russian Circles, If These Trees Could Talk, God Is An Astronaut, Gifts From Enola, And So I Watch You From Afar, etc.) and sludge influenced post-rock so bare with me if this isn't the most descriptive or accurate review ever. Five Seconds To Leave seem to lay down a foundation of that structured crescendo post-rock and gradually build on it. This trio seems to really captivate a unique soundscape with their build ups that can quickly turn into complete fuzz and noise with soft vocals overlapping it all to give it a real minimal shoegaze kind of sound. For instance, the track Under The Water Holding A Breath really DOES sound like you're underwater with the heavily distorted bends and fuzz over the guitar. The drums seem to be rather heavy at times, almost as if it's a real loud snare hit where they're allowed to resonate at the same time. The bass seems to be in key with the guitar, just gently going along and progressively getting softer and louder with it in perfect harmony. I think this album is one of those kind of late night ones you listen to at like 4 in the morning or just to get shit off your mind. I've been trying to open my mind to more experimental and different kinds of things I normally wouldn't listen to so just keep in mind I'm fairly new to these things. :P But um, yeah... If those tags down at the bottom right seem like a great combination to you then by all means check this band out.


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