Friday, April 1, 2011

Cülo - Toxic Vision (2011)


"Cülo is a hardcore punk band from Chicago. Fast-paced thrashing bulls with an urgent intensity."

I saw Culo a month or so back at a local venue and instantly fell in love with them. Fortunately, I wasn't THAT drunk (oh trust me, I was fucking DRUNK though) to remember this band and their awesome stage presence. I DID manage to boob grab a chick though... B) It's kind of funny really because now I'm friends with her. She sent me a request on asking if I was that guy who boob grabbed her at the show and I was like "YEP, THAT WAS ME!" and we just laughed it off. HEY, HELLO, HI BETHANY IF YOU'RE READING THIS! I KNOOOOOOW YOU ARE!!@!@ I apologized and stuff but now we're sort of friends or something or other (we are both hermits, live in the same town, and talk on facebook sporadically about music and shit).  YEAH, THAT'S LIKE 90% OF MY SO-CALLED FRIENDS! Feels fucking bad, man. I want friends. :< FOREVERALONE.JPG... So um... Right! back on subject. I wasn't really sure what to expect of Culo when it was their time to play. The lead singer sported a red barrette and I could already sense the militant vibe judging by his hat, his shaved head, his army jacket, and ripped as fuck muscles. I'm not to fond of people like this but my "hey lets treat everyone equally" lifestyle kicked in and I went along with this guy's shtick. It was all worth it the end because I had a fucking BLAST! The lead singer and I went at it a few times in the pit and he complimented my vest soon after. :3 Who knew those types of dudes like crust? Culo seem to play a very dissonant, raw form of hardcore punk that is ideally resemblant to 80's hardcore punk. The more and more I listen to this EP the more they resemble Jerry's Kids, 7 Seconds and Circle Jerks. I'd definitely lump them into that "mysterious guy" hardcore like bands such as Cult Ritual, Raw Nerve, and Failures who tend to have very raw sounds, black and white photos, and just very, very weird packaging. If you're looking for some newer hardcore with that quintessential 80's feel to it, you can't go wrong with Culo.

I fucking love this song! The dogs barking = pure gold son

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