Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Janaza - Burning Quran Ceremony (2010)


"Janaza is a raw black metal solo project from Iraq, with heavily anti-Islamic lyrics. Janaza is believed to be the first female-fronted black metal band from an Arab country."

INTERESTING... Interesting band to say the least. Er, not band but "project" or whatever. As the description states, Janaza IS the first female fronted black metal band from an Arab country, aka Iraq. WELL, IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME! Seriously, you would of thought with Melechesh reigning over the Middle Eastern black metal scene would have a lot more influence overseas. I guess not! In any case, it's a pretty unique little project. For being from some shitty little country, the music is surprisingly GOOD. One of the songs, Black Metal Ist Krieg, is a cover song by Nargaroth, a pretty influential depressive black metal band from Germany.  What I find most interesting are the anti-religious overtones presented in the lyrics. I'm not really one to support hate, especially against religions or beliefs (even though I'm a non believer myself), but I can totally see Janaza are against the Islam faith.I mean hell, who WOULDN'T hate something that was oppressing them for THAT long? God forbid if someone told me I couldn't do something... There would be hell to pay! FUCK YEAH FOR WOMEN GETTING RIGHTS IN ARAB COUNTRIES! I don't support the hate but I support the cause. You tell em, Janaza. Varg ain't got nuttin on this Joan Jett of black metal. 

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