Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mistake Makers - My Friends Could Beat Up Your Friends (but they probably wouldn't) (2011)


"mistake makers are a pop punk band from halifax, nova scotia. they have one album released in early 2011 entitled, “my friends could beat up your friends (but they probably wouldn’t)” & are involved with nineties babies art collective. members also play in several other halifax based bands, such as, the official suckers, the rumble strips, & stagnant stars."

I pulled this band off a DIY blogspot from Halifax, Nova Scotia run by Ryley Beggs, who plays in a few other folk punk and pop punk bands as well (I can't remember them off the top of my head). I've been following the blog for a few months now and it's provided nothing but interesting information on the bands, reviews, and just great music all around. If you're familiar with Mogli that's where I pulled his music off of. A lot of their stuff can also be found on respectively. This is Mistake Maker's second release, with their first being a demo that was released in 2010. MFCBUYF is a 6-track album dedicated to all those who have had their heartbroken in the past, had an addiction, been betrayed, and most importantly, LOVE Nintendo 64 haha. The songs are rather short but that's okay because they get straight to the point and are pretty fucking catchy. They're the kind of toe tappers that will have you gently bobbing your head and relating to the lyrics with your arms crossed while thinking back to the past wondering where everything went wrong. The lead vocalist, Steve, has a very distinguishable voice that I just can't put my finger on. I want to say Tom Gabel but that isn't totally true. His voice is almost very subtle similar to Frank Turner but yet so angry and young. There's a bit of an angsty side to Mistake Makers but that's what makes it PUNK! I mean seriously, fucking Green Day is supposedly pop punk right? There's nothing PUNK about them! This is REAL pop punk. It's light, it's catchy, and it's angry. It's regretful, it's honest, and it's true. There's nothing better than sitting around with a couple friends, putting on this album, and having a few drinks. I went ahead and converted the files from .wav to .mp3 for you folks because otherwise you'd be waiting like 15 minutes for this album to download. So go on, grab some friends, get some beers, and get your pop punk on! 


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