Friday, April 1, 2011

Mauser - End Of The Line (2011)


"Raw fucking punk from Gainesville FL"

Mauser are a raw, high-end, energy filled hardcore punk/d-beat band from Gainsville, FL. A friend of mind hooked me up with them last night, asking if I was into noisy hardcore or crust and I replied with a simple yes. Mauser almost remind me of the whole crasher crust thing that was popular back in the late 80s and early 90s over in Japan. They have a real dissonant and kang sound to them similar to Swedish d-beat but it's a lot more aggressive and just straight forward. This band reminds me a bit of Bombanfall meets Gloom but the only difference being is that they're from the States. For being a 2011 release, this is DAMN fucking goooooooooood. It's funny because you would have never guessed that this was an actual EP, not a demo or anything else. The production on this album is a bit better than their demo and tour EP but it still has enough raw power to kick your ass from here to China. Fans of old school Japanese raw hardcore and Swedish d-beat should totally check these guys out. If you wanna keep tabs on them check out their blog and don't miss them playing at Chaos In Tejas!

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