Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ilúzia - Búrka (2010)


"a folk / punk / hardcore band from Žilina (Slovakia)."

I *OFFICIALLY* have new found respect for Slovakia and their wonderful music. I've never heard ANYTHING like Ilúzia. They're brilliant! I did have a hard time getting my hands on this album and the tags are fucked up so I'm apologize for that. If you don't like it, then you can FUCK OFF. It seems they don't have any other releases besides a track they released on some VA album. Ilúzia take a wonderful blend of that hardcore angst, a really punk rockin' sound, and throw some melodic folk kind of stuff. The intro begins with a 1 and a half minute violin part that compliments a sampled thunderstorm in the back to pump you up for the rest of the album. It then quickly breaks into a fast guitar riff and the vocals come at you with the fury of a thousand Bruce Lee fists. Since the band does have dual vocals, the female vocals make themselves very well known and to my surprise they actually sync up QUITE nicely! Did I mention in like all of the songs there's some opera lady singing in the back? YEAH... About that! Nah, it's actually some pretty cool stuff. Just imagine the chick's vocals in After The Depths or something. In a few songs there are some acoustic parts which sounds pretty bad ass and provide that folk sound to it. A nice feature that Ilúzia uses is the incorporation of lead guitar and rhythm guitar, which makes allows the band to be fast paced but yet still have some pretty simple melodic guitar picking and even some awesome solos. All in all, this is a pretty fun and original band that makes use of the instruments they have. The only thing I wish they would of done differently was added a stand up bassist. That would of been rad! They're still fucking AWESOME without one. Fans of anything melodic and folksy should totally grab this!!


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