Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Phantom Carriage - New Thing (2011)


"Musical open-mindedness turns to a plague only when one have shitty taste”, once said the prophet. You guess that’s not the case with THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE, who dare to assemble, in a total presumptuousness, the jazz-tainted black metal of DEATHSPELL OMEGA, the technical yet suffocating chaos of COMITY, added to their ORCHIDesque experience in TACITURN ( R.I.P ). For now way more loquacious than with their last embodiment, these five too bipolar butchers will be delighted to smash your cortex with their receding riffs and vicious throat scrapings. “New Thing” may just be their first offering, this porky half-hour may make a lot of their peers look elsewhere."

FUCK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU, FRANCE! WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS BE PUTTING OUT THESE AWESOME SCREAMO BANDS. Seriously though, Celeste, Time To Burn, Year Of Light, and As We Draw are all fucking excellent. I'm really digging what France is putting out nowadays. I think it's safe to consider the whole post-hardcore influenced progressive metal scene over there to be one of the strongest in todays music industry. The Phantom Carriage are no exception to this scene. says I've had 60+ listens in the past 7 days (meaning to say I've listened to this album around 10 times). Not only do give us the usual post-hardcore/screamo thing going on, they also have some crazy ass jazz and black metal influence going on too. Hell, they even have an accordion interlude thrown in on the track Les Fantômes Se Cachent Pour Pleurer. For some jazz references check out the tracks Black Rain Falls In Drops (at the beginning) and 16-04-10 (near the middle). New Thing seems to capture a very atmospheric post-hardcore/screamo sound with some pretty original and mathy riffs that is a refresher from todays shitty scene. Seriously, all these br00tal as fuck so-called "skramz" bands are tainting the scene with their trickled down bullshitanomics generic shit. Some tracks such as 16-04-10, The Monument On Hendrick's Hill, and The Wreck Of My Mental Ship have some shimmering tremolo picking that'll win over your heart and dub them the best tremolo picks of 2011. What I noticed about TPC lacks that most bands within the genre do have are sludgy riffs. Seriously, what the fuck guys? Nah, it's not all that bad. JUST KIDDING! IT'S FUCKING AWESOME. To hear a band like this incorporate such a fucking sound using black metal as a texture instead of sludge metal is taking it to an even higher level. These screamo influenced black metal bands are becoming more and more popular and I'm loving every minute of it. THANK YOU, CELESTE!! If you want some original tainted post-hardcore be sure to grab these guys. Nothing wrong with a bit of experimentation! Check out their stuff over at Throat Ruiner records and other crust, sludge, noise, black metal, etc releases!!!!


  1. Great review for a great album. BTW, Amenra are from Belgium ;)

  2. Thanks! Haha. I realized that after I posted this. Derp.


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