Saturday, April 2, 2011

Churches Burn - Adversary (2008)


"Churches Burn is a stonerviolence band from Columbus Ohio. They’ve released two full length albums, an EP, and a Live recording entitled “Adversary”, “O.H.F.U”, “Into the Briar Patch”, and “Live at Carabar” respectively. They have released all of their albums online for free."

I hate to start out the review this way... So I won't. I'll save it for later. I'm not sure what the hell "stonerviolence" is but it kind of sounds interesting. I think maybe it has something to do with the way the heavy instrumentation comes into play. Churches Burns don't just play heavy stoner doom sludge. They play some FUCKING heavy stoner doom sludge. Seriously, I know every one of those bands try to be the heaviest and replicate Black Sabbath or Electric Wizard or something but these guys will blow you the fuck away. Their downtempo'd distortion is something that is truly NOT to be fucked with. The first and most distinct thing you'll notice about the band is the fuzz. That's right. FUZZ! Fuzzyness for everyone! That is when you're listening to album of course. ;o Despite being rather short, this is definitely one HELL of an album to beat. It almost reminds me of Salome without the drone doom and replacing it with early Sleep. Alright, so here's some bad news about this band. This is THE best and only album. The rest are pretty much straight garbage. Well, not garbage but uh... They just aren't the same. The live album is alright and they do a cover of Buzzov*en which is cool but the last two are sort of like folk fuzz with female vocalists. It's really fucking strange and I don't know about you but I hate that shit. I mean yeah, it's cool they were trying to something different and all but that totally isn't the Churches Burn I fell in love with. Despite all the other albums, this is THE one to get so grab it while you can (not like it's going anywhere :P)!


  1. other columbus bands you should look into:

    penis geyser
    kurt russell
    drug money
    horrible creeps
    forget it
    lose the tude

  2. I've checked out Drug Money and Nukkehammer and Bastards I believe. I'll save the rest in a notepad. Thanks very much for the recommendations!

  3. Into the Briar Patch was just a fun one-off thing that we tried because we felt like it. If you don't like it, whatevs. We have another album coming this year that is back to being heavy as hell, but if you don't like my vocals, then I guess you won't like this next one either.
    Also, O.H.F.U. is certainly not folk fuzz with female vocals, that's a poor description. I sing on one half of one song and the rest is still heavy. :/


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