Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fall Of The Bastards - Dusk Of An Ancient Age (2004)


"Fall of The Bastards was a Thrash / Black Metal band from Portland, Oregon. They released two full lengths, along with a 7” split with Seattle’s Wormwood and a split CD with Seattle’s Book of Black Earth. Fall of The Bastards broke up in 2006. Members of Fall of The Bastards can be found playing in: Splatterhouse, Oakhelm, L’Acephale and D’gul."

This short lived blackened death metal/thrash band may have only been around for a few years but what they put out was pure fucking GOLD son. Taking hints from Hellhamer, Bathroy, and Morbid Angel, Fall Of The Bastards seem to do something that most blackened death metal bands don't and that is catch my ears. A lot of them I find repetitive, boring, and just flat out generic but these guys are really special. Is it wrong that I find Mitochondrion boring? I'm not a fan of technical death metal either so the blackened stuff just sounds even more lame to me. I don't know WHY but there's just something about it. Maybe it's the thrash metal influence that keeps me from being BORED to fucking death? I have no clue but these guys kick some major ass. What I love most about Dusk Of Ancient Age is that the album is sort of split up between studio and live tracks, with the studio ones barely outnumbering the live one. I think they really wanted to incorporate a "tr00" sound and what you heard on the CD was what you got at a show and I commend them for that. The riffs are rather thrashy but also have the occasional slower ones with the blast beats going off to throw out an atmospheric touch to the album. There are some pretty catchy tracks here and there that'll have your head banging up and down asking for more. To add, it isn't aggressively hard or fast either like the styling of Absu, which can either a good or bad thing depending on your tastes. All in all, I think fans of anything black metal, death metal, or thrash metal should find these guys fitting in to your library nicely. 

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  1. A buddy of mine sent me a copy of this back in 2005. This album is so good, especially with winter on its way.


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