Friday, April 8, 2011

Life Erased - Atop The Mountain Of Your Dead Selves (2010)


"Life Erased is a D-Beat/ Hardcore Punk band formed in Dallas, Texas circa. 2009."

Dear Texas,

I love you and your crust scene. For our sake, never change.



Haha. Seriously though, I fucking love Texas man. I love all the punk influence down there where it be crust, grindcore, powerviolence, or hardcore. Life Erased are no exception to this! Jason, one of the band members, sent me a link to his bands website, where you can download it for free. He also proceeded to tell me that he did the album work for Ecocide's LP. Right on, man! Life Erased are a pretty rocking crust band with a pretty distinct drumming pattern closely resembling that d-beat sound we all know and love. Their style of crust is a lot more metallic, hence why I labeled it stenchcore, but it's more much faster than that. I sort of want to compare them to Stormcrow but they're definitely not that heavy or metallic as them. Not to mention in their song Sentenced To Life there's a rather melodic solo thrown in which usually doesn't happen with most crust bands. Lets just say they're somewhere in between Nuclear Death Terror and Appalachian Terror Unit. I'm pretty sure I've hear these vocals somewhere before. I can't help but think it's Stza from Leftover Crack or something. Very strange... but cool. I'm sure these guys aren't like those posers though (no offense. I love LoC and shit but that CRS stuff is pretty gimmicky). Fuck that. When the dual vocals are present however, then it gets a real sound to it and almost begins to sound a lot like some crustgrind band. Parasytic meets Disrupt maybe? I dunno. I'm going to stop trying to compare these guys to other bands and just suggest you pick up this album right meow and check em out for yourself.


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