Sunday, April 3, 2011

Death-Cult Jock - West End Blast (2011)


"Death-Cult Jock are a grindcore band from Southern Australia who are signed to Grindcore Karaoke."

Australia, Australia, Australia... Do you ever STOP making pissed off music targeted at the youth and nihilists alike? I think NOT! I picked these guys up off Grind Karaoke, a label run by Jay Randall, a current member from Agoraphobic Nosebleed that predominately signs grindcore, cybergrind, and powerviolence bands. Most the bands signed to this record label are high end and crisp sounding, very much resembling bands on Relapse. From what I have heard on this label, I think it's safe to say it'll have Relapse records running for it's money sooner or later. West End Blast is Death-Cult Jock's first release and it's a great way to start out. It's filled with a 17 minutes of 12-tracks that are just straight up grindcore. I would say that their style is closely related to Noisear. When I say closely related to Noisear I mean they sound EXACTLY like them. One could even argue that they're even better... No. Yes? Who knows. All I know is they're a fucking blast and they're rather innovative. Hell, even one of their tracks has a fucking random tuba. If you're looking for some grind that doesn't disappoint then this is your answer. I'm really excited to listen to the rest of what Grind Karaoke has to offer. Judging by this release, they're going to be one hell of a competitor in the grindcore scene. I give a thanks to GK for putting everything up on bandcamp for free download!


  1. J. Randall, the man who runs Grindcore Karaoke is not an ex-member of ANB. He is a current member. This music is not better than Noisear and I wouldn't even say it sounds EXACTLY like them either. This review is illegitimate and incorrect.

  2. It's how my ears perceive it hence why I'm the one doing the review, not you. Thanks for the input, though. Since your insight seems superior to mine maybe you should make a blog and upload them yourself then.


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