Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Creepy Crawlie - Self Titled (2007)


"Creepy Crawlie is Finnish feminist hc-punk band. It was formed september 2000."

So my media player has clocked in that I've listened this album going on 11 times now. I had quite a feat finding this album so pick it up ASAP! Creepy Crawlie are a female fronted hardcore punk from Sweden who formed in 2000 but released their first full-length in 2007. It contains 10 tracks of blitzkrieg hardcore punk with some awesome underlying d-beat sound. There is some heavy distortion also thrown in, which is pretty unlikely for a hardcore band. Seeing as how they're from Finland this actually isn't surprising at all. If you know anything about the native language, Finnish has a different accent than most Scandinavian languages. I think this is why I LOVE Creepy Crawlie the most. Dem accents... So bad ass. All the vocals ARE in Finnish with some track names also being English as well. If you're feeling up for some FEMALE POWEEEEEEEEEEEEEER grab this shit. Fans of Harum Scarum, Beyond Pink, and Khatarina. I'm not quite sure if this is the official album cover but I grabbed it from their myspace because I couldn't find one. Sorry! For what it is, it's pretty bad amirite?!?

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