Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rye 'n Clover - Pencils, Paper, & Scissors (2009)


"Rye ‘n Clover is folk punk banjo singin’ and pickin. And that’s all there is about it."

Thanks Raymond for letting me know about Rye 'n Clover!!! I really love his stuff! Rye 'n Clover is a one man folk punk band started by Ryan Clover who lives in New York. He plays JUST a banjo and that's it. It almost has a real old school americana sound to it because of this. I can just imagine this guy with a notepad and his legs crossed sitting on his bed with a notepad thinking back to past experiences. Such lyrical content includes summertime memories, animals having equal rights, and past loved ones. His style reminds me of like... I dunno. The Almanac Shouters meets Defiance, Ohio maybe? Whatever it is, it's good shit. Pick it up!

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