Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Billy Mack Collector - Soda (2011)

From last.fm:

"Billy Mack Collector is an acoustic band from the pocono mountains of Pennsylvania. They sing happy songs about being uncomfortable. The instrumentation is centered around acoustic bass, with lots of flute, bassoon, marimba, and accordion (to say the least) thrown in. Lots of people sing and time signatures change often. They tour in the summer all over the USA. <3"

I guess you could call these guys "indie pop" but I prefer to use anything with the prefix indie so I'll just label it how I choose. Hell, Burzum is more indie than self-proclaimed indie bands. I'm not saying Billy Mack Collector aren't DIY enthusiasts but yeah... You get what I'm saying. These guys are a collective ranging from 1-11 players incorporating such instruments as kazoos, bassoons, stand up bass, melodicas, tambourines, and other neat instruments. It seems like they rounded up some random people, gave them instruments, and told them to PLAY, PLAY YOUR HEART OUT! The dual vocals go over very well all the neat toys and I personally would think they'd be lost without them. BMC sing about some pretty pointless such as colors, breakfest, beer, soda, and a bunch of other random stuff. If you lived in a little town in the Poconos of Pennsylvania then you too would understand that there's absolutely NOTHING going on up there. Yeah, you might have your shitty pop bands with twangy guitars, aka faux country, but that's about it. With all the twee instruments + pointless songs what's there not to love about these guys? It's kind of cute, really. I really wish I could of found more bands like this back home. It would of totally made me appreciate Pennsylvania and the awesome folk bands that do originate from there. I could totally get down with Billy Mack Collector one day while clapping along to their songs in a drum circle or something similar. Be sure to check out their bandcamp for much more releases (by MUCH MORE I mean like 5 more albums) and purchase some merch!

I pulled this from a text document that was included in the album:

The musicians on Soda are : Billy Mack, Katherine Freeman, Zeke Katz, Joey Shelley, Jacqui Pratt, Dan Levin, Eleni Burd, Nate Marks, Sam Crismon, Rachel Sherk, Dalila Aldras and Isaac Katz. The album was mastered by Christopher Bell.


  1. BMC played at my house a couple years ago. they were really wonderful people. silly & engaging live set too.

  2. Billy told me that when I move back down to Pennsylvania he'll put on a show for me. I don't know much about him but he seems like a wonderful guy. :3 What you said only reinstates my love for them.


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