Monday, April 4, 2011

Terror Of Dynamite Attack - Behind The Exploitation Of Their Richness Nature (2010)


"T.O.D.A (called Terror Of Dynamite Attack) is a Grindcore, Fastcore, Thrasingrottencore band from Bandung, Indonesia. at the middle of this bustling town band quickly stood up, starts in July 2009. born in the midst of the community HC / / PUNK Bandung: Cikapayang Idea!. T.O.D.A now summarize the entire album “Behind The Richess Their Exploitation Of Nature”"

It's been a loooooooooong time since I've listened to a new crustgrind band and even looooooooooooooooonger time since I've uploaded one to this blog so I present to you folks Terror Of Dynamite Attack. Hailing from Indonesia, a country that seems to be forgotten when it comes to music, especially grindcore. Wormrot put the place on the map and I'm assuming Terror Of Dynamite Attack took inspiration soon afterwards and are trying to base their own following as well. What ToDA focus on that most modern day grindcore bands fail to acknowledge are real world problems. Not only are they a crusty DIY as fuck band taking hints from Phobia and Nasum, they also practice what they preach via their musical style whether it be the lyrical content, album cover, or song titles. I think this what most attracts me to these guys. Not only that but the vocal style is pretty much straight forward high pitched screaming and nothing too guttural. Also, you'll notice that there is a bit different kind of style to ToDA, which is why I labeled them as fastcore. It's quite fast, even by grindcore's standards. If you're not familiar with subsubsubsubsubsubsubgenres then don't worry about it this shit is great regardless. Just shut up and grab this album. Hopefully, these guys gain some notoriety like Wormrot have because they sure deserve it. Hell, they're just as good as Wormrot as well. You can purchase their album either at Sukma Records or try messaging them at their official myspace.

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