Thursday, April 7, 2011

Transvestite - Self Titled (2011)


"Transvestite is a hardcore/screamo/post-hardcore/post-punk (ex-Blame Game) from Atlanta, GA, USA. Check them out at:"

These guys (and gal respectively) sent me this album in an email earlier today. I caught a quick listen of a track or two before I had to leave for my class. I was really digging what I like and couldn't wait to get home. I was thinking about it all day long until I finally made my voyage home and went STRAIGHT to my computer just to listen to them. Hell, I didn't even take off my jacket or my boots! Transvestite seem to have this very whimsical screamo/post-hardcore/whatever influence in their music that can't just stand alone because it goes above and beyond that. With some hardcore influences involved, this band seems really bring a different kind of form with their dark and depressing lyrics. The guitar riffs are rather fast and mathy with some very emotional build ups tagged into some blast beatings, which is unusual as FUCK for a band like this. I swear if there was tremelo picking involved I could have almost mistakened Transvestite for Deafheaven. I seriously thought at first this was some kind of female fronted like screamo/black metal band the first time around. Very cool stuff indeed! If you're a fan of Birds In Row or Cemento be sure to check these guys out!

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