Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Leper - Embarrassed To Be Human (2006)


"Leper is a Canadian anarchist ska-crust band on Creepcore Records who often cover topics such as the vagrant life, the KKK, and homelessness all in a unique style blending oppressively slow reggae grooves with apocalytpic, world’s end visions and dark sonic brutality. Their myspace:"

OH, CANADA! Oh Canada is fucking right. Leper is an all time personal favorite crust band in so many regards. I remember that first time I listened to them was on the bus and I just wanted to jump up so fucking badly and tell everyone how great this band is but there would go my indie cred, right? This band combines an incredible sound of blackened crust and ska into their style of playing which makes them unrivaled. If you're not a big fan of ska don't worry because you'll defiantly love the catchy hooks and the overall crust-oriented style. Leper is defiantly an essential in ANY crust library. I beg all of you to pick these guys up because you have no clue what you're missing.

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